Sunday, 5 January 2014

a brief respite

Two weeks of constant rain makes one crave for clear skies. We were lucky that this happened yesterday during waking hours, and at a time of day of beautiful light. Our normal walk is north of the bridge on the picture bellow, through the woods and along the narrow, shallow and tranquil river. But the severe flooding lead us to explore a new path.

The might of the roaring river was breathtaking. 

The path lead to a lovely beach that made one think of warmer and drier times...

And then, after going up an oak covered hill, with its frighteningly slippery ground, one could see the meandering path of the river. Better to wait for the ground to get drier before carrying on exploring...

It was nice to see the Jalama again, the beautiful peak that dominates the sierra, and which I used to see from the balcony of my previous home:

I hope to write a little bit more in 2014!