Saturday, 26 January 2013

a glorious day

Goodness, it's not even February yet and today the sierra woke up to a spring-like day. Sunshine, the breeze lovely and warm, and  when I was on my way to a neighbouring village to get my weekly supplies of organic veggies at the tiny farmer's market, the only source of organic stuff in the area, I was greeted by this:

Snow covered peaks! Since I arrived, two months ago, only once had I seen those peaks in the distance, which are higher than the ones around here, covered in snow - but today there was a lot more. It is a different mountain range, and I hope very much to visit some of the villages around there at some point.

On my way back I just had to photograph the very pretty village where I live. The mighty peak that towers above it had only a tiny bit of snow left.

Later in the day a friend wanted me to see a reservoir where thousands of cranes from northern Europe come to winter. The idea was to go around sunset because this is when they all return from their daily outings. I was glad to see how much closer we got to the spectacular mountains I had seen earlier.

He was a bit disappointed, though, as this year the 'thousands of birds' he had announced turned out to be only a few dozen. But I wasn't. It was such an impressive sight (which my very basic camera couldn't quite capture), and the sound all those large birds made as they approached the lake was really amazing.

It was good to spend so much time outdoors as the forecast for tomorrow is rain - which here at this altitude and with this enclosed situation always means much fog...

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