Monday, 14 December 2015


In spite of the loss of some beautiful oak and chestnut woods razed in this summer fires, until last week one could still see the gentle palette of autumnal colours in large areas of the Sierra spared from the devastation.

I find autumnal colours very inspiring. And I love to see this rugged landscape bathed in its golden-bronze light. So back in September when I decided I would try stitching another Ahir inspired peacock in order to improve - hopefully - on the design, the stitching and the colour combination, I tried to get inspiration from the range of colours one usually associates with this season.

With only a week away for the start of winter it is quite possible that these colours will remain in my work basket for the coming months. Although I hadn't done a piece so densely embroidered for a while, I still have a few stitches to add and a couple of corrections to make. And then when I make a bag out of it I hope the second side will also explore some characteristic Ahir stitches and motifs.