Monday, 11 May 2015

back at La laborteca in Madrid...

It was really nice to be back at La laborteca in Madrid this Saturday repeating the 'Introduction to Indian Embroidery' workshop I had taught there back in February. It was especially nice to see familiar faces again: Eugenia and Dolores had attended this workshop previously, and both brought their nearly finished peacocks to show. I was really pleased to see not only their work, but also their interest and appreciation.

Dolores and Eugenia

Everyone made a tremendous effort to learn. And was it good to see how they remained deeply concentrated throughout our time there:

Gema and Marian learning to attach the mirror

Angela and Susana learning new stitches

Luisa and Irene concentrating

Rocio and Beatriz - barely visible to her right

It was a lovely experience once again, and I really hope we can do the second part with more advanced stitches soon. It's a pity I'm so far from Madrid though - it would have been good if we had more time to carry on practising. But on the other hand, I must say, it's wonderful to be back to the peace and quiet of home.

A view from my current favourite walk