Monday, 16 February 2015

peacock ready

It took me much longer than I had anticipated. I changed colours a few times along the way. I had more mirrors to attach.

And for some strange reason my stitching just wasn't turning out as neat and even as I would have liked. I was beginning to despair to be honest. Then I remembered the words of a wise friend who lived in India for some years and who would often advise me against being too perfectionist. She told me that Indian craftspeople often leave imperfections in their work - and this quite deliberately - to remind themselves that everything in this life is relative and imperfect, and that only Brahman (or God) is perfect. With those words in mind I resigned myself, accepted my imperfect stitching and decided not to struggle too hard. Hopefully next time my stitching will come out neater. In the meantime here it is, my Kutch inspired peacock.

I took this picture just after sunset so the colours are not quite right. Maybe I'll post another one in the next few days. 

Also, I hope that in a few weeks, when I'm a little less busy, I'll be able to review the wonderful book that inspired this piece.


  1. This is charming, Liana. It is full of life and colour. A little unevenness in the stitching helps to make it move. The detached chain stitches in the border make me think of fish swimming along.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to comment. I really admire your stitching!