Sunday, 8 February 2015

my 'Kutch inspired' peacock - getting on...

Although I love to play with colour combinations I don't always  find it easy to decide on the final colours I'll work with. This is what happened with the 'Kutch inspired' peacock I'm working on for the next workshop I'll teach, this time at La laborteca, in Madrid. I wanted it to bright, happy and colourful. But my first attempt wasn't exactly successful:

Doesn't look very serious, does it? The darker shades of orange and blue that I had chosen earlier (see here) turned out a bit brighter than I had wanted, so I decided to go for subtler colours and make the peacock's neck a little more discreet:

But in addition to my problem with colours, when I got to the drop shape at the centre, which represents a cowrie shell, I realized my drawing skills also leave quite a lot to be desired. After I added the outline in open chain, which is quite thick, the neck ended up too thin and the tail too narrow. And to make things worse I drew a cowrie shell that is far too big. Well, my sense of proportions seemed to have left me... What I find really hard is trying to picture in my mind how my drawings will translate into embroidery. On paper things may seem fine, but then, when I put things into fabric and thread, how come things change so much? 

But yes, although the drop shape at the centre is far too big, I think that so far the stitching is coming out all right. And hopefully when the border is done and the highlighting stitches are added one won't notice it's thin neck so much.

I hope it will be finished by the end of the week. I'll try to post a picture of the finished piece as soon as it's done.

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  1. Your peacock is just fantastic. I love kutch embroidery too. What is the spike like stitch done in white called. How is it done?