Monday, 13 October 2014

Nearly there...

It's been pouring, and for the last 5 days the sky has been really dark. But just before that we had wonderful weather: sunny and warm during the day with cooler nights. Like last year, my landlady gave me a huge bucket of olives for me to salt, which I managed to do before the weather changed.

Embroidery-wise, side 2 of the Indian inspired bag is finished. The traditional Indian motif that inspired me appears on the background:

Shame that I have so little time. I thought the green I used for side 2 looked a lot brighter and happier than the one I used on side 1. If only I had more time! Then I would redo the outlines and the border of side 1...

Anyway, I hope that the forecast proves true and we have some sunshine tomorrow so that I can photograph the finished bag.

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