Friday, 3 October 2014

an exciting project...

V. has been working in Valladolid since the beginning of July, and during one of my visits there  I met the lovely Luz, owner of a very pretty fabric and yarn shop located right in the heart of the historic centre.

We hit it off straight away, and out of our common love of all things fabrics, colours and threads the idea for a joint project came up. She chose the fabrics, I chose the threads, the theme, designed it, and will stitch it. She will also provide the setting: a lovely space at the back of her shop.

The end result of this project will be two small hand embroidered bags. The stitches will be mostly drawn from Gujarati traditional embroidery, including the use of shisha mirrors, and the motifs will also be inspired by their traditional designs. But the inspiration for the colours is coming from a very different source: two different Kaffe Fassett fabrics that we chose for the linings. These modern and colourful fabrics will also appear at the top of the bags to create a quirky contrast to the traditional designs.

So far I've finished one side of one of the bags. The colours, as I mentioned, are not traditional Indian at all: 

And here I show on the background a traditional and very common Indian motif that uses some of the stitches I will be teaching:

My orange and purple sampler, by the way, was progressing nicely, but until the end of October I won't be able to touch it again, 

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